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Dr. Klein, Dr. Mönstermann + Partner mbB develops the best possible solutions for you and your company by regularly sharing knowledge, using all synergies and maintaining confidentiality.
Excellence is not only a question of expertise, but also of attitude. Expect the best from us.

About us

About us

5 locations and 90 years of experience

The KMP Group, founded 90 years ago in Osnabrück, today also has offices in Lingen, Bramsche, Georgsmarienhütte and the German capital Berlin.

At all five locations, we guarantee our clients competent and professional advice, but also access to a national network of experts. In this way, we provide you with the best possible support in achieving your business goals.

In doing so, we always act transparently and in keeping with our corporate values.

As the KMP Group, we are particularly proud of the fact that we have always stuck to our idea of structured growth – in both personal and corporate terms. Only so can we ensure that our clients and their unique concerns receive the best possible attention.

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Knowing what matters

As a client, your concerns deserve competent and qualified advice.

Competence for all situations

As the KMP Group, we guarantee you individual and dependable support from our specialists – regardless of the size and structure of your company.

Our teams of experts in the fields of auditing as well as tax and legal advice enable us to look at and analyse your situation from different angles; the extensive overlaps between the disciplines pave the way for highly individual solution strategies.

A strong network

If your situation requires the consultation of further expert opinions, we will be happy to draw on the resources of the strong HLB network on your behalf.


The HLB network

Without any detours

The direct line to our locations

+49 541 33 15 10 Osnabrück

+49 5401 86 11 0 Georgsmarienhütte

+49 30 32 77 77 0 Berlin

+49 591 91 10 10 0 Lingen

+49 5461 70 90 10 Bramsche

Voices of our partners

Why we believe our services are exceptional

  • The KMP Group is more than just the sum of all its partners:

    Together, we create new synergies that open up innovative, holistic solutions for our clients.

    Dr Michael Joswig

    Partner since 2004

  • Our highly dynamic industry forgives no standstill.

    Due to our unique structure and comprehensive know-how, the KMP Group always gives its clients a substantive edge.

    Dr Alexandra Scholz

    Associate Partner since 2020

  • We attach particular importance not only to knowing our SME clients, but also to understanding them.

    Only in this way can we develop the necessary understanding to serve our clients as in the best way possible.

    Walter Hinken

    Partner since 1989

  • The Berlin location is unique in many respects.

    It opens up a closely meshed business for us and especially for our clients – far beyond the state border.

    Dr Claus Niemann

    Partner since 1995

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    Our network

    Part of being a professional is knowing when you have reached your limits. If our skills are exhausted by a particularly individual situation, we immediately fall back on the accumulated expertise of the HLB Group. With more than 22 companies at 30 locations, the HLB Group maintains a network that is matched by only a few in Germany.

    The HLB-Group


    Our locations

    What do Berlin and Bramsche have in common? The answer is obvious: us.
    We like to be where we are needed – and that is exactly where our clients are located. The KMP Group has offices in Osnabrück, Georgsmarienhütte, Bramsche, Lingen and, of course, the German capital Berlin. Get to know our partners at all locations!

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    Careers at KMP

    Are you looking for a stimulating work environment that combines team spirit and interdisciplinary thought? Do you want a challenge in which you can grow continuously, while at the same time making contacts in an extensive network? Then find out about your career opportunities in the KMP Group here – maybe we will hear from you soon?

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