Working at KMP

We know that prospects count for more than fruit baskets and motivational events: we offer our employees a working environment with a view to continuous professional and personal development.

Our appreciation of our employees lies at the heart of our corporate culture and the resultant trustful relationship creates a unique team atmosphere – across all five of our locations.

However, in addition to an attractive work experience, we offer our employees numerous other measurable benefits:


  •  Continuous training and developmentSuccess means continuous testing and improvement of oneself – this applies to a company just as much as to its employees. The continuous and structured training and further education of all colleagues is therefore a cornerstone of our self-understanding.


  • Enhancing qualificationsRegular seminars are not the end of the line: we actively support our staff in expanding their own qualifications, such as with examinations to become tax consultants, auditors or accountants. We even go one step further and contribute to the costs incurred for further training and examinations.


  • Flexible working at different locationsCareer and family, work and private commitments: we do our best to give our employees maximum flexibility and personal responsibility. Together we not only develop an individual working time model, but also enable you to work flexibly at different locations, e.g. in Osnabrück, Berlin and at home.
  • Company health managementWe love performance, so we are crazy about sports! If you also like to swap your office lace-ups for running shoes and the meeting room for the gym, we are right in line with each other. Not only do we participate in various sporting events, but we also offer our employees the opportunity to do something for their physical fitness themselves. Benefit from our cooperation with Hansefit and Barmer and use more than 1500 fitness and rehabilitation facilities throughout Germany.


  • Employees recruit employeesDo you think of the KMP Group and immediately, someone comes to mind who would be an ideal addition to our growing team of experts? Then why not take advantage of our employee-recruit-employee programme and look forward to an attractive bonus!


  • Corporate benefitsWe offer our employees a wide range of other benefits, programmes and perks such as work bikes, employee events and much more.


You can find out exactly what is included in our extensive bonus package at any time as part of a personal conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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