Scandinavia Service Group

Germany as a business location is an attractive market for companies and other interested entities that operate internationally, not least because it lies in the heart of Europe.

Scandinavia is no exception: the business activities of Scandinavian companies in Germany have intensified continuously over the last few years; the interest in strategic partnerships in the field of technical and economic innovation is growing steadily in equal measure.

The KMP Group’s Scandinavia Service Group, based in Berlin, is particularly dedicated to responding to enquiries from Scandinavian companies seeking to gain a foothold in the German market.

Our specialists are familiar with the tax and organisational conditions in the home country as well as the requirements and potential hurdles in the target country of Germany. Together with legal advisors at the KMP Group, we develop the appropriate entry strategy for our clients and help them in the next step by assisting them in setting up a staff and taking over accounting tasks.

Our range of services includes, among other things

  • advisory support in the establishment of subsidiaries under German law and the establishment of German business premises
  • preparation of employment contracts
  • accounting in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) in bilingual form
  • adaptive preparation of all relevant information for further processing in the Scandinavian home country
  • representation before fiscal courts

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