Company valuation

Numerous situations necessitate a correct valuation of a company by an outside expert. Among the most common are recurring company acquisitions and sales, mergers as well as the entry or exit of investors and owners.

Depending on the objective or the reason for a company valuation, there are various valuation models, some of which focus on factors of varying significance. Simplified, the different models can be assigned to one of four approaches:

  • Earnings-oriented valuations
  • Substance-oriented valuations
  • Comparison-oriented valuations (“multiplier model”)
  • Tax-based company valuations

Together with you, we identify and work out the most suitable valuation method for your company situation so that you are in a position to make a precise statement about the current value of your company.

Regardless of the reason for the valuation, you will always benefit from our many years of expertise, which covers not only all audit-related services, but also a wide range of different industries. We look forward to hearing from you!

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