Due Diligence

Due diligence analyses are an important instrument in the run-up to qualified purchase and investment decisions. In a due diligence process, we compile a comprehensive information base, which is subsequently subjected to an examination and evaluation from the perspective of an external investor.

In this way, we can identify risks and opportunities in advance of a transaction in order to draw as realistic and meaningful a picture as possible of the economic situation of the target company.

Generally speaking, a due diligence review can be commissioned for a transaction by both the buyer and the seller.

In a tax due diligence investigation, we assess the company’s development on the basis of the past annual financial statements, identify possible tax risks for the buyer and process the results within the scope of downstream analysis. Depending on the result of the audit, this may have an impact on the purchase price negotiations and the corresponding drafting of the purchase agreement.


By analysing the assets, earnings and financial situation in the course of financial due diligence, the client receives information on the financing structures, debts and debt-like items of the company. In this way, a well-founded statement can be made about future expected earnings and potential company development.

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