Inheritance law/asset succession

Inheritance law issues are often complex and difficult to understand, especially for laypersons. In addition, the matter of asset succession is often emotionally charged due to the decisions involved. This is precisely why long-term planning to protect your business or private assets deserves special attention.

Together, we develop a comprehensive overall concept for you that aims to ensure the smoothest possible succession of assets. This includes not only the drafting of tax-optimised wills or the planning of gifts during your lifetime, but also the preparation of health care proxies and concepts for avoiding compulsory portions. Services that are in high demand in this area include

  • drafting of wills
  • execution of wills
  • advisory planning for the transfer of assets while alive
  • advisory planning for full exploitation of tax allowances on gifts
  • adaptation of articles of association.

Would you like to actively plan your asset succession or face challenges in the area of inheritance law? Then you need a partner with expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

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