Inheritance and gift tax

All accruals of assets, through gifts during one’s lifetime or in the case of inheritance, are subject in Germany to the Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax Act.

In principle, the area of inheritance and gift tax is complex, but offers a great deal of scope for optimised structuring, especially when planning during one’s lifetime.

Special attention should be paid to the transfer of business assets, realistic valuations and, of course, the clever use of tax allowances.

Our services in the area of inheritance and gift tax include, among others:

  • company valuation for inheritance tax
  • real estate valuation for inheritance tax
  • preparation of inheritance tax returns
  • preparation of gift tax returns
  • concepts for optimised long-term estate planning
  • tax structuring of gifts
  • avoidance of double taxation for foreign assets

Due to the immense complexity and the highly individual nature of the issues surrounding inheritance tax and gift tax, our tax experts always work hand in hand with the specialists in our in-house legal department.

In addition, our clients can call on the comprehensive expertise of the HLB Germany network at any time – simply and conveniently.

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